Peace, I'm Jaha Naeem Gitonga, most call me Naeem. I'm a software engineer/full-stack web developer. I am the founder of GTNGā„¢ where I build web and mobile apps, and websites per contract. Example: this one is built using Javascript and the jQuery library. I mentor students in full-time coding boot camps across the nation, where I teach the Javascript MERN stack, MySQL and a few other cool technologies. Outside of coding, I do more art. Yeah that's right--programming a computer, building apps and websites is an art.

Another cool thing I am working on is learning how to use Blockchain technology. Since I am super familiar with Javascript the Ethereum Blockchain and Solidity are extremely interesting to me.

Here you will see some samples of my work. If you hover over the screencaptures you'll see info about the app. Click on Live Demo and you'll be able to play around with some stuff. Notice: Some of those apps are demos and are hosted on Heroku which offers developers some free tools to show their work. So if it seems like it's taking a little long to load up, bear in mind that the server is starting and getting its ducks in a row so that you can experience the app.

Please, if you would like to work with me or just to stopped by look around, click on the contactMe link above and drop me a line or two. I will be sure to follow up. Enjoy and thanks for dropping by!

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